Liquid Handling System

PCR Setup System

High-performance automatic PCR reaction setup system


Time-saving, accurate and random dispensing;

Effectively avoid human operation errors and cross contamination



Fully automated, effectively saving manpower and time costs; closed system to avoid setup errors and cross-contamination.
Compatible for various brands of reagents and nucleic acid extraction system products.

Equipped with "Random Access" dispensing function, give consideration tocompatible and autonomous.





Time-saving and no cross-contamination

Fully automated PCR preparation, effectively save time and avoid cross-contamination



Fully automated, effectively saving manpower and time costs; closed system to avoid configuration errors and cross-contamination





Excel user interface

User-friendly Excel interface, intuitive and highly compatible



Compatable for personal computer for Excel file editing, manage the preparation conditions,

and adjust the preparation process according to the experimental needs.





Compatible with a variety of commercially available consumables


Compatible with various brands of PCR reaction trays, no need to purchase additional consumables



According to experimental requirements, 8-strip, 12-strip, 96-well trays and 384-well trays compatible.






Item LabTurboTM PCR Setup System




66 cm (W) X 53 cm (D) X 70 cm (H)

26 inch (W) X 21 inch (D) X 27 inch (H)
Type of equipment

Benchtop workstation; fully automated; built-in touchscreen 


P384: 6 channels; operational volume: 2-50 μl; CV<5%

P9600: 6 channels; operational volume: 2-250 μl; CV<5%


PCR setup, liquid handling

(Tube-to-plate and plate-to-plate transfers)
Integrated functions Cherry picking transfer; serial dilution; individual template volume aliquoting; cooling block; user-defined / Import work sheet; compatible with excel, txt, csv, and ABI PCR format files; record documentation 
Sample types

Non-sticky liquid

Maximum number of master mixes: 20 tubes

Maximum number of DNA templates: 96 tubes



1-96 samples/96-well plate;

1-384 samples/384-well plate
Mode of operation Fully automated procedure

8 minutes for 96-well setup*

30 minutes for 384-well setup*
* Varies with throughput and protocol
Compatible Kit LabTurbo robotic filtered tip