AIO SP-qPCR Automation System


Multipurpose All-in-One gene detection


Achieve the complete process of genetic testing, widely used in a variety of qPCR testing projects



From sample preparation (SP) to qPCR, complete process of All-in-One (AIO).

Integrating DNA/RNA extraction, PCR reaction setup (reverse-transcription compatable), qPCR reaction, detection, and data analysis.







Effectively save laboratory space, manpower, time, plastic consumables and improve testing efficiency



The cumbersome genetic testing steps are fully automated,
Reduce space and manpower requirements, and avoid human error,

greatly improve the detection efficiency within a limited time and space.
Save consumable design, reduce laboratory consumable cost and take environmental protection into consideration.





Wide range of applications


Widely used in various qPCR related tests



AIO SP-qPCR System can widely used in pathogen detection, cancer diagnosis, genotyping and various qPCR related applications.

Extensive used in various fields such as medicine, research, forensic medicine, agriculture, livestock, aquatic products, etc..





Using automated membrane column vacuum nucleic acid extraction technology


Avaliabel for difficult specimen types, effectively improve the detection sensitivity



Able to handle difficult specimen types (feces, urine, forensic specimens, etc.), increase sample volume, effectively increase detection sensitivity, reduce PCR inhibitor residues, and reduce the use of plastic consumables.

The whole process automated effectively eliminates human operation errors and contamination risks at liquid handling process, ensuring the quality and accuracy of genetic testing.





Versatility and flexibility


Multi-fluorescence channel optical detection system, compatible with multiple qPCR reagents and multiplex PCR



AIO SP-qPCR System with models of four-color and six-color multi-fluorescence channels.

Meet the needs of various commercially available qPCR reagents and fluorescent dyes.
Freedom of choice in multiplex PCR probe.



Operating Procedure of LabTurbo AIO 48


Fully Automated from Nucleic Acid Extraction to qPCR Ct Report






Model A2410 (110V); A2420 (220V)
Dimensions 105 cm (W) X 65 cm (D) X 95 cm (H) 41 inch (W) X 26 inch (D) X 37 inch (H)
Type of equipment

Benchtop multipurpose workstation; built-in touchscreen


Robotic arm

Pipette, gripping device, ultrasonic sensor and barcode reader
Pipette 6 channels; operational volume: 5-1000 μl; CV<5%; Spacing adjustment: 9-18 mm
Applications Nucleic acid extraction, PCR Setup, qPCR and qPCR report
Integrated functions Auto-barcoding, sampling, DNA extraction, RNA extraction, Reverse transcription, PCR setup (cherry picking transfer available), qPCR (up to 6 fluorescence channels), data analysis, software included
Sample types Blood, plasma, serum, saliva, stool, swab, urine, cells, tissue
Capacity Extraction: 1-24 samples PCR setup: 1-128 samples; Random access liquid handling qPCR: Dual 64-well thermo-blocks
Reaction volume Sample input: 0.3-2 ml Elution: 60-200 μl qPCR: 15-75 μl
Extraction principle Membrane column vacuum technology
Mode of operation All-in-One workflow; Independent operation of each function
Processing Time 3.0 hrs* * Varies with throughput and protocol # Non-Stop Process from Extraction to Real-time PCR
Optical detector

Excitation sources: long living high power LEDs (Full color) Detector

Photomultiplier fluorescence channel:

    4 channel model: FAM, HEX, ROX, Cy5

    6 channel model: FAM, HEX, ROX, Cy5, TAMRA & Quasar 705

Temperature Range 96-well block: 25°C-100°C Lid: 25-110°C
Temperature Accuracy & Uniformity 25-100±0.50°C; heating 2.0°C/sec; cooling 1.5°C/sec Accuracy: ±0.5°C (at a constant temperature after 30 seconds) Uniformity: ±0.5°C at 50°C
Compatible Kit Extraction: LabTurboTM AIO Kit Real-time PCR: User preferred selection




Model Kit name Specimen types
AIOLGD LabTurbo DNA AIO Kit Whole blood; Buffy coat; Cell culture; Bacteria culture; Blood cells; Saliva; Urine; Animal tissue; Plant tissue
AIOLVN LabTurbo Virus AIO Kit

Serum; Plasma; Cell free body fluids; Buccal swab; Vaginal swab; Pharyngeal swab; Stool; FFPE tissue

AIOLTR LabTurbo RNA AIO Kit Buffy Coat: Cell Culture; Animal tissue; Plant tissue
AIOLCD LabTurbo CirDNA AIO Kit Serum; Plasma: Circulating nucleic acids
AIOLFD LabTurbo Forensic DNA AIO Kit Forensic samples: Oral swab, Blood swab, Cigarette butt, Straw, Rubber glove, Bloodstain, Mask, FTA card, Chewing gum, Hair root, Tape