DNA/RNA Extractor

LabTurbo 24/48/96XC Compact Systems


LabTurbo Automated workflow nucleic acid extraction system


Full procedure for automated nucleic acid extraction, wildy use for multiple sample types



The traditional manual nucleic acid extraction process is fully automated, and the patented "membrane tube vacuum flow extraction technology" can produce high-purity, high-yield DNA/RNA and improve the sensitivity of genetic testing.

Fully automatic from sample to nucleic acid product, equipped with PCR configuration function, can effectively reduce extraction time, human error, avoid cross-contamination, and increase laboratory productivity.





Reduce manual operation time


The shortest manual operation time, effectively saving manpower, time and plastic consumables



LabTurboTM DNA/RNA extractor with automatic barcode scanning, sample loading, reagent feeding, PCR configuration and other functions.

The panel is easy to configure, less plastic consumables, the shortest manual operation time and the highest degree of automation.






Multiple throughput options


LabTurbo DNA/RNA extractor with 24/48/96 throughput models 


With a variety of throughput for customers, you can choose the most suitable instrument according to the laboratory throughput demand and space configuration.






Using automated membrane column vacuum technology for nucleic acid extraction

Allow to handle difficult specimen types and large-volume specimens, effectively improve the detection sensitivity



Compatible with various types of specimens (blood, animal tissues, viruses, bacteria, feces and forensic specimens, etc.).

Able to process large-volume samples, improve detection sensitivity, reduce PCR inhibitor residues, and reduce the use of plastic consumables.





Exclusive development of multi-functional automated robotic arm

Complete processing of all nucleic acid extraction work



The multi-functional variable-spacing mechanical arm, can perform actions such as liquid transfer, liquid level detection, and membrane column clamping.

Automated complete the nucleic acid extraction process, including sample loadingreagent mixing, and membrane column movement.







LabTurbo 24C

LabTurbo 48C

LabTurbo 96C


C2410 (110V); C2420 (220V)
C4810 (110V); C4820 (220V)

C96XC10 (110V); C96XC20 (220V)


LabTurbo 24C: 66 (W) X 53 (D) X 82 (H) cm; 26 (W) X 25 (D) X 32 (H) inch

LabTurbo 48C: 66 (W) X 64 (D) X 160 (H) cm; 26 (W) X 25 (D) X 62.4 (H) inch

LabTurbo 96XC: 135 (W) X 85 (D) X 175 (H) cm; 53.2 (W) X 33.5 (D) X 70 (H) inch

Type of equipment

LabTurbo 24C: Benchtop

LabTurbo 48C: Floor-standing

LabTurbo 96XC: Benchtop; Floor-standing


LabTurbo 24C: 6 pipette channels; operational volume: 5-1000 μl; CV<5%

LabTurbo 48C: 6 pipette channels; operational volume: 5-1000 μl; CV<5%

LabTurbo 96XC: 12 pipette channels; operational volume: 5-1000 μl; CV<5%

Applications Nucleic acid extraction, PCR Setup (build-in)
Integrated functions

Auto-sampling, DNA extraction, RNA extraction, PCR setup



LabTurbo 24C: 1-24 sample(s)/run

LabTurbo 48C: 1-48 sample(s)/run

LabTurbo 96XC: 1-96 sample(s)/run

Sample types Blood, plasma, serum, saliva, stool, swab, urine, cells, tissue
Sample volume

0.3-3 ml; flexible up to 12 ml




60-200 μl
Extraction principle Membrane column vacuum technology
Processing time

LabTurbo 24C: ~70 min (24 samples/run)

LabTurbo 48C: ~90 min (48 samples/run)

LabTurbo 96XC: ~90 min (96 samples/run)

Power requirement

110V, 50-60 Hz

220V, 50-60 Hz


Model Kit name Specimens
LGD LabTurbo DNA Kit Blood, Buffy coat, Saliva, Biological fluids, Cells Bacteria, Animal tissues, Plant tissues
LVN LabTurbo Virus Kit

Serum/Plasma, Cell-free fluid, Stool, Swab medium, FFPE tissue

LVX LabTurbo virus combo Kit Stool, Soil, Urine, Serum/Plasma, FFPE tissues, Animal tissues, Plant tissues
LTR LabTurbo RNA Kit Organ tissues, Plant leaves, Blood cells, Cell-free fluid
LCD LabTurbo circulating DNA Kit Serum/Plasma
LFD LabTurbo Forensic DNA kit Swabs, Cigarette butts, Straw, Chewing gum, Tape, Tissue paper, DBS cards, FTA cards