Products & Development

        Labturbo has been committed to the development and manufacturing of molecular biological automation technology since 2000, and has successively obtained patents in many countries. The research and development has gone through manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic, and developed to a fully automatic AIO SP-qPCR system, relying on three core technologies:


membrane column
vacuum technology
LabTurbo has exclusively developed the “membrane column vacuum technology" for automated nucleic acid extraction, which can obtain high-quality and high-yield nucleic acid extraction products, effectively improving the sensitivity of genetic testing. Compared with the automatic extraction of magnetic beads, the "membrane column vacuum technology" can effectively remove PCR reaction inhibitor residues, and can be applied to large-volume, difficult-to-handle specimens, and reduces the use of plastic consumables.
High precision
      robotic arm        
The special multi-channel, variable spacing, high-precision robotic arm has the functions of liquid dispensing, film tube clamping, and liquid level detection, effectively responding to the needs of various meristem automation experiments.
Software and
hardware integration
Exclusive software and hardware system integration to maximize the performance of hardware equipment. For example, disk detection, reagent management, robotic arm control, fully automated processes, and experimental data output all rely on powerful software and hardware integration capabilities.

AIO SP-qPCR System

Full-process automatic gene detection system

        Labturbo exclusively launched the AIO SP-qPCR System full-process automatic genetic testing system in 2016. Integrate multiple genetic testing procedures, from nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription, PCR configuration, qPCR reaction to genetic testing result report, all can be completed in a single instrument. It not only improves the risk of manual detection errors and DNA contamination, but also effectively saves labor, time and space costs, and actually achieves "Sample-to-Result" fully automatic full-process genetic testing. Looking forward to the future, the AIO SP-qPCR System will integrate multiple conventional genetic testing items and multiple qPCR testing applications to maximize the benefits of fully automated and complete processes.