About LabTurbo


Labturbo, based in Taiwan and with a global presence, is a company dedicated to technological innovation.

In 2023, it was approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a biotech and pharmaceutical company under the "Act for the Development of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry".

Our independently developed product 'LabTurbo AIO' has passed the 'A.2570 Instrumentation for clinical multiplex test systems' IVD medical device certification in Taiwan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it provided high-throughput and accurate real-time qPCR testing results to various medical units, earning widespread acclaim and trust.

Labturbo has strong competitiveness in the international market, with its subsidiary Favorgen generating 80% of its revenue from overseas marketing. Its US subsidiary has obtained a "CLIA" license for a medical testing center, not only cooperating with local medical insurance testing reimbursement, but also responsible for channel operations and product sales in Europe and other regions. It also assists the parent company in obtaining FDA 510(K) certification for its in vitro diagnostic systems and reagent kits.

LabTurbo's recently developed point-of-care testing system 'QuadAIO-POCT,' approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the 'A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program' in the 2022, surpasses similar products in terms of applicable specimen range and number of genetic tests. It is expected to occupy a significant position in the rapidly growing POCT market.