Fully Automatic Inspection

LabTurbo automated nucleic acid application products include「AIO SP-qPCR full-process automated gene detection system」、「automated nucleic acid extraction system」and「96/384-well plate PCR configuration system」three categories.


AIO SP-qPCRAIO SP-qPCR full-process automated gene detection system

       LabTurbo's '"full-process automated genetic testing system" can be fully automated from sample preparation (SP) to qPCR full-process All-in-One (AIO). The AIO SP-qPCR system fully automated the cumbersome operating procedures and intensive manpower requirements of traditional genetic testing. Effectively reduce the labor and space requirements of the testing laboratory, and reduce the training time of genetic testing personnel to avoid human operation errors and cross-contamination. The standardized process from automatic barcode scanning, automatic sample loading, nucleic acid extraction, PCR reagent configuration, qPCR reaction to report output provides the most stable detection results.


Automated nucleic acid extraction system

       LabTurbo "Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System" uses the exclusive "membrane column vacuum method" for automatic nucleic acid extraction. Compared with competitors using magnetic bead extraction and membrane tube centrifugation, the membrane column vacuum method can hold more sample volume, effectively remove PCR reaction inhibitors, apply a variety of sample types, and reduce the amount of plastic consumables. The nucleic acid extraction process has the highest degree of automation, and the manual disk configuration time is the shortest, effectively saving labor

Nucleic Acid Extraction Method
Flow single membrane tube vacuum method
( LabTurbo's Patent )
High accuracy, high sensitivity, complete removal of impurities, suitable for various types of samples
Magnetic Bead Method
Advantages in the mainstream market, but the scope of application of specimens is narrow, and it is not easy to industrialize mass production
96-membrane vacuum column method
Prone to cross contamination
Single membrane tube centrifugation
Due to the need for centrifuge devices, the degree of automation is low

96/384-well plate PCR configuration system

       「 96/384-well plate PCR configuration system 」is designed for high-throughput testing laboratories, compatible with a variety of commercially available PCR reaction plates. Exclusively developed an automated six-jaw high-precision liquid dispensing robot arm, which is more efficient than competitors using single-jaw dispensing.Compatible with Excel editing mode, more intuitive operation, reagent preparation, sample dispensing functions are all available. With Random access function, the dispensing position and volume can be set according to user requirements, and serial dilution can be performed automatically.」